The William

Kim Smiley

You among the rest.

Artist Kim Smiley doing what she does best: reimagining the classical with jarring originality.

This 4 foot long genuine pearl necklace will be your new best friend in bling. 

One lace accent, with a reversible pool of Swarovski elements, takes this necklace from good to great. No two necklaces are alike, just like you. 

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Beauty For The Public Good™️

Kim Smiley jewellery is handmade by Canadian newcomers who earn a living wage. A portion from every sale is donated to charity. The Kim Smiley woman cares that her jewellery is infused with good karma. This is jewellery with a social conscience. 



No idle gold -- since this fine sun, my friend,

Is no mean miser, but doth freely spend.

No prescious stones -- since these green mornings show,
Without a charge, their pearls where'er I go.

No lifeless books -- since birds with their sweet tongues
Will read aloud to me their happier songs.

No painted scenes -- since clouds can change their skies
A hundred times a day to please my eyes.

No headstrong wine -- since, when I drink, the spring
Into my eager ears will softly sing.

No surplus clothes -- since every simple beast
Can teach me to be happy with the least.

By William Henry Davies

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