The Dickinson


Femininity, delicacy and drama combine in this one-of-a-kind wearable work of art. Handmade amethyst and vermeil necklace (a combination of sterling silver and gold) is hand sewn to metallic lace pendant, with gold-wrapped topaz and Swarovski. The perfect necklace for layering.

Inspired by Emily Dickinson

I could bring You Jewels -- had I a mind to --
But You have enough -- of those --
I could bring You Odors from St. Domingo --
Colors -- from Vera Cruz --

Berries of the Bahamas -- have I --
But this little Blaze
Flickering to itself -- in the Meadow --
Suits Me -- more than those --

Never a Fellow matched this Topaz --
And his Emerald Swing --
Dower itself -- for Bobadilo --
Better -- Could I bring?