The Alisha

Kim Smiley

Channel your inner super hero.

Swarovski element available in Aqua, White, Montana, Pink, Lilac, Black.

Fastens with gold plated magnetic clasp.


Beauty For The Public Good™

Made by Canadian newcomers who earn a Living Wage. A portion from every sale is donated to charity. 

Inspired by Circumpunct by Elisha Kaplan

From inside the earth you
tunnel in the wrong direction 
and go home out of habit where
you fight with your beloved over
the mess he left in the kitchen.
Does he no longer care for you? 
Go outside to find the right 
questions. In the garden, life is 
incompletely in your hands. 
This makes you equal parts god 
and not god. What’s beyond 
the field of vision? You can’t cut
across without the cows noticing. 
Cows are small deities but are
larger than you. Curious, they
slowly surround you and you grow
terrified. Focus on the right 
obsessions. There are no right
obsessions. You are under siege. 
Obsessions are weeds, they thieve 
all the nutrients. Wither them by
removing the sun. In the dark 
walk the streets carefully, watch out
for police. Some are uneasy and grow
their strength round anger round fear. 
Only difference between the evil 
eye and a circle around a dot is 
if you feed it. A dot is a small circle 
like a cow in a field from a plane. 
Some police are obsessed with 
the wrong questions. This is why 
in the field they wear cameras 
to prevent themselves from using 
unnecessary force. You wonder 
when dead will you be omniscient. 
Sclera round iris round pupil.

Republished from Powder Keg Magazine

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