The Levi

Kim Smiley

Classic lace cuff, say hello to the Kim Smiley Amulet Collection.

Swarovski element available in Aqua, White, Montana, Pink, Lilac, Black. Rivoli accent borders the cuff or for an amped up superhero look, Swarovski can be placed in the centre of bracelet. See The Sati.

Fastens with gold plated magnetic clasp.


Beauty For The Public Good™

Made by Canadian newcomers who earn a Living Wage. A portion from every sale is donated to charity. 

Earrings inspired by this poetry prescription:

Where I wander – You!
Where I ponder – You!
Only You everywhere, You, always, You.
You, You, You.
When I am gladdened – You!
And when I am saddened – You!
Only You, everywhere You!
You, You, You.
Sky is You!
Earth is You!
You above! You below!
In every trend, at every end,
Only You, everywhere You!

Levi Yitzchak of Berditchov
Translated by: Harry Rabinowicz

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