The Rossetti


Orange is the new black.

Made to order to fit you like a second skin. Our Rosetti cuff is 8 cm high. Fifty-four (54) scintillating orange Swarovski crystals are hand appointed on each cuff.

Inspired by Color by Christina Rosseti

What is pink? a rose is pink 
By a fountain's brink. 
What is red? a poppy's red 
In its barley bed. 
What is blue? the sky is blue 
Where the clouds float thro'. 
What is white? a swan is white 
Sailing in the light. 
What is yellow? pears are yellow, 
Rich and ripe and mellow. 
What is green? the grass is green, 
With small flowers between. 
What is violet? clouds are violet 
In the summer twilight. 
What is orange? Why, an orange, 
Just an orange!


Beauty For The Public Good™                                          Made with love in Canada by newcomers who earn a Living Wage.

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