The Altmann


Innocent yet edgy. Black lace with 18k gold clasp. Available with gold or sterling silver magnetic clasp.

The Altmann was inspired by the following poem:

By Howard Altmann

A swirl of leaves tosses its bag of colors
over the shoulder of an unmarked road.
In the century-old barn where the leaves
take refuge, the wind is a permanent resident
rehearsing the music of abandonment.
And in this hollow the leaves—who found
each other before they got lost and braided—
are endlessly tweaking the quartet of clapboard
walls, as midnight gusts sweep notes through
the cracks, forcing the leaves to break down
into ontological refrains—
The order of things is the disorder of a life;
evolution does not arrange its strife.
The arc of a spirit is a rainbow in the dark;
the finest arc does not leave its mark.
Yet in dawn’s nest it is just one note feeding
off another, where horses once had their say.
One could almost hear the bluebird whispering
to the blue sky: when I fall out of view
it is not because of you.

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