The Anonymous


Wherever the road takes you, the Kim Smiley woman keeps walking. No matter who she is, not matter how many times she falls, she gets up, dusts herself off, and walks forward. You might as well look like a supermodel on the journey.

Bronze Athenian lace anklet, hand-sewn. Simple, double snap closure. Measures approximately 9" long. Custom sizes also available.

Gold, oxidized bronze, rose gold and pewter also available.

Beauty for The Public Good.™

Handmade in Toronto, Canada. Kim Smiley trains and hires newcomers who earn a Living Wage. We also give charitable donation with every purchase.

The Road

The road can take you places
Places far and wide
Places you need to discover
And places you need to hide

And the road can be endless
It can be your friend
It can be your beginning
And it can be your end

The road can make you offerings
Of love and hate
Offerings that satisfy
And some that come too late

The road can make you foolish
It can make you wise
It can leave you in silence
It can open up your eyes

And the road can leave you empty
It can leave you sure
It can make you weary
It can make you pure

The road can lift your spirits
And it can make you old
It can melt your heart
And it can leave you cold

The road can make you honest
And it can make you mean
It can give you courage
It can make you dream

The road can bring you company
And it can leave you alone
The road can take you away
And the road can bring you home

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