Marquez Mezuzah

Kim Smiley

18 butterflies symbolize how are lives are always in a process of becoming, always unfurling towards a place of elevation or transformation.

Remember that poetic turn of phrase: Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly?

Mystically, the main function of the mezuzah is to protect one's  house from harm, specifically evil.

Because of this attribute, the mezuzah has been called "The Coat of Arms in the Knighthood of G‑d." 

Artist Kim Smiley has transposed the symbolism of the mezuzah and the mystical significance of the butterfly in this mezuzah.

Like the home it will adorn, and the people whom it will bless, no two sculptures will be alike.

A social entrepreneur and empathy advocate, Kim Smiley ensures no butterflies are harmed in the making of this Collection. Every wing we use is collected after a butterfly dies of natural causes.

Each mezuzah is cast according to your specifications (sterling silver, gold, rose gold), and we will choose wings that reflect the colour palette you desire. Allow 6 weeks for delivery.

A procrastinator like us? Contact us and we will try to get to yes.

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