The Saradha

Kim Smiley

A show stopper. Spring ring clasp gives optimal versatility: wear it long or double it up. A girl likes options, n'est pas?

Shown here in lapis lazuli with vintage bronze. Necklace also available in onyx with 18k gold (as shown in second image); crystal with rutilated quartz ($550); or jade ($795).

Pendant is handmade, interchangeable and double sided. 

A pop of colour - a bright blue tassel - hand tied with silver thread - is like an exclamation mark on the end of this necklace. Try it on. Make a statement. 

The Poetry

Tassel by Saradha Koirala

The action of giving turns out
to be a gesture for making a deal
the promise of discount, save or Be Saved.
I gather what I can
listen for insights from passing chatter
squint the world into a spin.
An elderly couple walk side by side
a tassel of her shawl caught in his cufflink
well-dressed for this time of day.
I roll the image between finger and thumb:

the cufflinks, the shawl the slow pace of their walk
spin the world into a gilded string.

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