The Ram


Bless your baby bump.

Fertility jewelry/pregnancy pendant.

Choose crystal (as shown here) or gems for extra healing energy. With our signature Metallic Lace. Available in a fabulous array of lengths, shapes and colours.

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By artist Kim Smiley.

Inspired by How Beautiful Is Pregnancy by louis rams

A man is so glad to know- that inside you
His child grows.
The most beautiful thing on this earth
Is a woman giving birth.

As her stomach starts to grow
And her soft caressing hands begin to show
You'll see her face take on a radiating glow.

She will see life in a different way
As her motherly instincts come into play.
her body which she had taken for granted before
Is about to open a new door.
This is the door to life
and as you do the pushing pains
From this moment on your life will change.

And when you feel that child stretching
Those walls of life
You'll know it was worth the pains and sacrifice.

You may see its head and then its face
Searching this unfamiliar place.
Looking for the warmth that it knew
When it was inside of you.

It will take some time for the child to adjust
But it'll recall your gentle touch
Now the first step comes into place
When you look at each others face.

An indefinable feeling that you can't put into words
But for nine months this child has heard.
The beating of its mothers heart
Had become as one
And a new life had begun.
Now you have become what GOD intended
A mother of life - of hopes and dreams
And all that is seen and unseen.

Look deeply into that child s eyes
And it will take you where you've
Never been before - as it opens
Up its souls door.

This is what - 'as a man'- I see
And you can't take that away from me.


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