The Baird

Kim Smiley

A crowd pleaser, without even trying. Black onyx is offset by majestic red, faceted ruby, gold and brass. Metallic lace pendant features ruby, rutilated quartz and tourmaline. Chain 16'" and pendant 3", plus hanging ruby,

Handmade and one of a kind.

This necklace was inspired by the following poem:

Fiesta of Happiness: Be True to Yourself                                  ― By David Baird

“Yes no yes no yes no?
Red blue?
Yes red, no blue?
No red, yes no?
In out, up down?
Do don't, can can't?
Choices sit on the shelf life
New shoes in a shoe shop.
If the in crowd are squeezing into a must-have shoe
And the one pair left are too tiny for you
Don't feel compelled into choosing them
If you're really a size 9, buy that size.
While everyone else
Hobbles round with sore feet
Your choices should feel comfortable
Or they aren't your choices at all.
Why limp when you can sprint?”
― David Baird

Beauty For The Public Good™

Kim Smiley Inc. empowers Canadian newcomers with training, work and a Living Wage. We also give a portion from ever sale to charity. Kim loves a catchy tagline along with the rest of us, but Beauty For The Public Good is in her blood. 

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