The Vermeer Earrings

Kim Smiley

Genuine pearl with sterling silver post on a bed of metallic lace.

More than an earring, it’s the reimagined #EmpathyEmpire pledge pin x 2, a promise to practice one act of empathy a day; well, actually, in this case, two acts, one for each ear.

If you wear one earring on your purse, lapel or dress, practice at least one act of empathy. Wear the set of earrings and pledge to practice to acts of empathy. But we have a feeling you do this already. Why not look more regal being your natural empathetic self? Plus, people will Inevitably ask about your pin, which will open the door for a conversation about empathy and the need to spread it. Be beautiful: inspire the world. 

Inspired by:

Girl with Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer

He put the spirit essence
the light pip not only
in each eye’s albumen
concentrate of starlight
but must have been taught
how to do that by first
finding it in the pearl
he posed then corrected
in dusty studio light
that pounced on the window
behind which sits the cheeky girl
pear- and apple-blossom cheeks
a fake description naturally
of their plain fleshiness
drably golden and her lipsc
from Haight Street’s darlings
nose studs jacket studs
girls with that kind of eye
one by the atm machine
casual juicy and so fair
a Netherlandish type
panhandling strangers
pomegranate seed ball
bearings agleam in her nose
pearls not sea-harvested
but imagined seen put there
by a certain need and fancy
because love says it’s so
picture that picture this.

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